Nissan Designing A Car To Eliminate Texting And Driving

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous and we shouldn’t be doing it, but far too many people take that risk every day because they just can’t wait a few minutes to respond to a message. Well, Nissan may have come up with a way to stop drivers from ever feeling the need to pick up their phone when they are behind the wheel. 

The car company is currently testing something called the Nissan Signal Shield, which is a compartment built into the armrest of the vehicle for drivers to put their phones in. The compartment blocks all outgoing and incoming signals, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular, which means drivers won’t be getting any calls, texts or anything else on their phones while they drive.

The hope is that if they aren't getting any messages, they won't feel the need to respond to anything while they are behind the wheel. Now before you start complaining about not being able to listen to your music in the car, the Shield does allow for the phone to be connected with a wire so such infotainment options will still be available.

And while some may worry that in case of a crash emergency services wouldn’t be able to find them because the phone isn’t connected, that rare occasion could be solved using an in-car function.So far the Nissan Signal Shield is currently being tested in the Nissan Juke, but if the prototype is successful it could wind up in more cars some day. Check out a video revealing the system to the right.

Source: Mashable

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