On Tuesday, we encouraged you to pray for Little Jonny who received a bone marrow transplant from his big sis Sarah.  Grandma Sandi emailed us with an update to share with you.


Tommy and Brook,

Again I want to thank you for posting Jonnys’ story.  Everything went really well yesterday. So far Jonny is doing well but the next few months will really tell if this miracle has worked.  Sarah did extremely well yesterday as well, she is very brave and was very excited to see her brother after 2 weeks of being apart. The parents, Jen and Nick, wanted me to let you and your listeners know that all of your prayers were greatly appreciated. I will update you as we get further into the transplant. 


God Bless you and your listeners for all of the prayers and well wishes.




Here's Big Sister Sarah and little brother Jonny together again.


This morning, we received an email update from Sandi, about her Grandson Jonny.
Good morning Tommy & Brook,

Today is Jonny’s bone morrow transplant,  they will harvest Sarah’s stem cells this morning at 7:30 and then today at 2:00 they will transfer them to Jonny’s lots of prayers are needed, that Jonny’s body will accept Sarah’s cells and his body will begin to heal!  I just wanted to thank you both so much for posting Jonny’s story, we have received lots of prayers and we truly appreciate them. 

God Bless you for all you do!


This is Sarah getting ready to give the gift of life to her Brother, Jonny.

Here's Jonny and his granparents, who shaved their heads in support of Jonny.