Do you remember the board game "Mouse Trap"?  This was the game I begged and begged my parents for because the commercial made it seem like this would bring hours of fun!  However, the only thing it brought was hours of frustration. 

I remember opening up the game and thinking, "Whoa! This looks more like a junior-engineer project than a board game."  It looked so easy on T.V.!  But, by the time you could find all of the pieces to the game, and then try to follow the blue prints to get everything set-up, you were ready to put it all away out of pure frustration!

I don't think I ever once got the thing completely set-up. I tried, but even an architect mind like Mike Brady wouldn't be able to pull off the magic.  SIGH!

Oh well.  That was a long time ago. I recovered.  Until the day when my daughter the commercial on T.V. and said, "Can we get that?"  NOOOOOOOOO!

 Here's the commercial that made it look so easy!