Last week, we introduced you to Lori's puppy.  (A Leonburger)  She asked for your help coming up with a name. Lori emailed us back with the name choice, and how she chose it.

Hi Tommy and Brook!

I couldn’t believe all the great suggestions of names your listeners came up with!  I think the most suggested was Chewy for Chewbacca.  We loved that name so much we named our first Leonberger Chewy.  Jean suggested “Milo” and Jessica suggested “Murphy” and we have a Muerfy and Milo at home.  Great names! 

I LOVED Maria’s suggestion of Aslan!  Friends of ours that got a puppy from the SAME breeder named their boy Aslan. Oliver and Jersey were great suggestions too.  We have family members that used those names for their dogs and didn’t feel we should use those.  

Jane and Jamie’s suggestion of Oscar was our second choice!   We tried it for a couple days but it just didn’t feel like the right fit.   And I was worried my husband was talking about naming our next puppy Felix to go with Oscar!  (Felix and Oscar the Odd Couple!)

We ended up naming him Seger.  My husband had a puppy as a young boy with that name before his mom made him find the dog a new home.   We tried it out and he responded to it right away!

At 12 weeks old, Seger weighs in at 44 lbs!  He loves to carry and play with lots of toys (he has a very short attention span and moves from one to another very quickly and to biting the couch if you are not looking!).  He’s cuddly when he first wakes up then his teeth wake up!  We are working very hard on the “no bite” command!   He is a blast and makes us laugh every day!