Waking up early has many advantages. Not only does it allow more time for both productivity and leisure, but it makes our days less stressful. Here are some tips on how to become a morning person:

1.      Get more sleep. More and better sleep provides benefits, including increased memory consolidation, better metabolism and weight, heightened mood and concentration, and lower blood pressure and stress levels.

2.      No screens in the bedroom. Turn off that TV. In fact, get it out of your bedroom. And the other devices, too. It may cause confusion to the natural state of the brain right before bedtime. Instead, make your room a haven for relaxation and sleep. Restrict your contact with screens at least an hour before bed. But if you absolutely need to use your iPhone, at least adjust the brightness settings to as dim as possible.

3.      Get up at the same time every day. Eventually, you won't even need an alarm clock. Don't set your alarm the night before and base it off of whether or not you have to shower, if you can be a little late, etc. You know when you creepily wake up just minutes before your alarm sounds? That's your internal clock. Don't mess with it. Also try to limit the amount of time you spend sleeping in on the weekends, as this can throw off your body's rhythm.

4.      Always have something to look forward to. Schedule your week so that you have something to look forward to, even if that something is calling a friend to catch up, or trying out a new place for lunch. Little things mean a lot. Not all of us can honestly say we love our jobs, but activities or dinners with friends throughout the week give you something to look forward to. Give yourself a reason to hop out of bed. Don't wait for Friday to be excited.