Did you know? Costco in Grandville leads the nation in sales of GRADUATION CAKES? It's true! Last weekend alone, they did over 1000 cakes! And, it looks like that number will probably hold up for the next 2 weeks.

UPDATE. I received an email that I wanted to share with you.

Hi Tommy,

I work for Costco in Grandville.  I am actually one of the 3 bakers in the bakery.  Your info about out bakery has been going around Facebook and I want to say how cool it is for the recognition!  We work very hard and around the clock!  I also wanted to share these few pics with you. 1 picture is the stack of order forms for 1 day, and the others I took Saturday morning before I left.  The cakes in the pictures are only the ones ordered from 9:30-12 if that gives you an idea!  Thanks again for letting people know how awesome we are!!!