Last week, Kyle, a West Michigan dad, heard about a, "Daddy Daughter dance" competition on "Good Morning America". He thought it would be fun to audition with his daughter, Ashlyn. 

They wanted to create a video that changes eras and costumes from the 20s, 50s and 70s. (like the song talks about) We live in a world that has moved toward plastic surgery and making everything perfect, photoshopped and fake. This song talks about how this girl is very 'classic' and is a naturally amazing person.

The video starts with Daddy reading the paper and paying no attention to his daughter, who's a very good dancer. (you'll notice that the newspaper is actually a picture of a front cover from the Boston Daily Globe from 1927 that was edited to be the Grand Rapids Press) The story on the top right corner now reads, “Dancing Sensation Ashlyn Warmington,” and “Local Talent Hits the Big Time” with her picture in it.

In the beginning, the father happens to notice that his daughter is on the front page of the paper as some sort of big time dancing sensation, and he had no idea. She then pulls him out to dance with her, and tries to teach him how to dance. He gets the hang of it, and then shows her a few steps and they start having a great time dancing together.

The video ends with the father throwing the papers to signify that his daughter is way more important than anything else that could be happening in the world. 

Can you believe they put this together in a matter of hours? They found out about it late last Tuesday night and the deadline for the competition was Friday at 3pm.  Kyle’s wife, Abby, and her mother helped to gather/make the costumes for the different eras. The video was shot in Holland in only 1 hour!

Sadly, they weren't selected as one of the four semi-finalists. However, Kyle did receive a phone call from Good Morning America asking if they could be available to be on the show, if chosen. (sounds like the video was almost 'too good' for this type of contest as the winning videos were shot on just a smart phone or a tripod camera)

Regardless, we are giving this a "5 Star" rating! Way to go Kyle and Ashlyn. And, a special shout out to Dream Painter Creative Studios for producing this 'classic' video!


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