This story is so inspiring!!  There's a 25 year-old Alabama man that caught a virus 2 years ago. It not only caused congestive heart failure and led to multiple surgeries including a heart transplant, it also led to the loss of all of his teeth.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford dentures and insurance wouldn't cover it.


The man's girlfriend learned about a charitable website that raises funds for deserving strangers. It's called  The founder asked friends and followers, many in her home countries of Australia and England, to help raise the $1000 needed to pay an Alabama dental college for the top-to-bottom work.  And you what? They did it!!

Jamie, the founder of wrote, “You have completely changed this man’s life. This is what 52 Lives is all about – Good people spreading kindness to strangers.”


To show his appreciation and give back, the man to teach others about keeping their hearts healthy.



source: Good News Network