(pic from You Tube)

Casey Kasem has been FOUND!  Days after he left a nursing home, the radio icon was spotted in Washington state -- but exactly where he is remains a mystery. 

Kitsap County sheriff's deputies performed a welfare check Tuesday at an address provided by California Adult Protective Services, according to CNN affiliate KOMO.  Authorities found Casey and his wife visiting others at a home. The couple told deputies they were on vacation, sheriff's department spokesman Scott Wilson told the affiliate.  After determining Casey was not in distress and was receiving appropriate care, the deputies left.

Kasem's exact location in Washington "is still being determined." Kitsap County authorities have not released the address where they found Kasem. The family will do everything in their power to bring their father home".


The story of Casey Kasem is sad, in many ways.  Personally, Casey Kasem was very influential in what I do today.  I listened to "American Top 40" every Sunday morning.  I remember listening to the countdown until the very last second before I had to head into church. Then, as soon as the final "Amen" was said, I always shot back to the car to catch up on the songs that I missed. (I can still hear the "American Top 40" jingles in my head as I type this.)

The last couple of years have been rough for Casey.  He's suffering from Parkinson's Disease, and has reportedly lost his ability to speak.