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Half-Eaten Hamburger Leads Police to Kalamazoo Bank Robber

He ALMOST pulled off the perfect crime...
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Modern Day Miracle In Montana

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.
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Great Idea: Try This For Your Next Family Photo

All you need are the hands of your family.
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Inspiration: Teens Battle Boredom, Mow Lawns For Free

They're making their town a better place!
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FUNNY: Tommy's Famous "It's So Hot" Jokes

These are perfect for the Heat Wave!
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What is Jon Gosselin Doing Now?

There's nothing wrong with this job, but it's a bit surprising.
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My Son Passed His Driving Test, But...

I'm so proud of my son. But, then I saw THIS.
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The Fruit To Eat To Help Beat The Heat Wave

As the temperature rises, you should be eating this fruit!
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WATCH: Melania Trump Accused of Plagiarizing Michelle Obama's Speech

Similarities? What do you think?
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Coldplay & Michael J. Fox Reenact “Back To The Future” In Concert

Watch Michael perform "Earth Angel' and "Johnny B Goode".
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