Talking about money makes people feel uncomfortable, but when it comes to getting a new job, it’s a necessary evil. After all, living costs money and you kinda need to know how much they’re willing to offer. But when Taylor Byrnes dared to ask about compensation and benefits after a first interview, her second interview got canned.

As the story goes, Byrnes had already been through an initial phone interview for a menu development job at SkipTheDishes, a Canadian food delivery service. That’s when she emailed an HR rep to ask about the salary and benefits that came with the job. But instead of finding out, she got a response saying the question made her a bad fit for the start-up company, and they cancelled her second interview.

“Your questions reveal that your priorities are not in sync with those of SkipTheDishes,” a follow-up email reads, in part. “At this time we will not be following through with our meeting this Thursday.”

Wait, what? All the woman was asking was how much she’d be paid and if they had benefits! Byrnes posted screenshots of the back and forth with the company on Twitter and of course, the Twitterverse totally had her back. Since then, SkipTheDishes has offered her an apology – after her tweets went viral – and offered to reschedule her interview. Somehow we’re thinking she’s not interested.

Source: Scary Mommy

Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook