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Tommy Dylan

What's Your Elf Name??

What's Your Elf Name??
Posted November 13th, 2013 @ 6:15am

We received this email the day we talked about your ELF NAME. It is one of the BEST emails we've ever gotten!

THANK YOU for this morning! I was dropping my son at Hudsonville high school this morning. Getting him to talk (especially in the morning) to his mom in the car is like pulling teeth. Usually he's on his phone oblivious to who his chauffeur is. When your elf name segment came on we were laughing so hard! He quickly looked up the chart and was reading the names for our family. (Dad's was the best!!!!) Anyway, I'm always looking for those fleeting moments to connect with my kids and you gave me one this morning. Best start to my day...laughing with my son. Thanks! Have a great one nipper and sugarplum...

Here's the chart that brought them together...


Brook is: Nipper Superplum

Tommy is: Sugarplum Pointy-Toes


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