Can you relate?

These are the kinds of moms you might be (or be friends with) on Facebook!


The Every-Milestone-Ever Mom
 - Her little babycakes ate Cheerios for breakfast today… here's a photo of him doing it! And yesterday, he lost one hair follicle.



The Favor-Seeker
 - This mom only takes to Facebook when she needs carpool help, a new source for cloth diapers, or a preschool recommendation.



Let's Make A Deal Mom
 - This mom thinks of Facebook not so much as a social network but as a place to "like" brands in exchange for coupons and deals.



The Pinterest-Perfect Mom - 
Does this mom live inside a Pinterest board? Every birthday party is worthy of a Martha Stewart spread. A simple 4 p.m. snack looks like it was crafted by Wolfgang Puck. She may or may not have a light box and professional photography studio in her home, because there's no way these pics were snapped with a camera phone.



She's Too Hot for Our Newsfeed
 - This mom is going to have to do a lot of photo purging when her kids are old enough to see what she's been up to on Facebook.



The Philosopher
 - An existential quandary or two is fine. If your latest musings about parenthood, life, and why we're all here are going to pass the two paragraph mark; however, please relocate them to a more appropriate long-form venue, like WordPress or Tumblr.



The Hipster
 - That Upworthy story you posted? She shared it last week, and she's going to write that in the comments. Really though, she's so over Upworthy. It's all about Viral Nova now. Whatever, she probably won't even be on Facebook next week