Doesn't this look cool?  It's called a Magic Rainbow!

Here's how to make your own Magic Rainbow!

STEP #1 - Get a copper pipe
Go to your local hardware store and ask for 3/4 inch copper piping. Have them cut it for you in 1 foot length sections. If you drill a couple holes in the pipe it will make the colors even more dazzling.

STEP #2 - Get a hose
Grab your old 1/2 inch green garden hose, cut in 1 foot length sections and insert into the pipe. If your hose is bigger than 1/2 inch (like 5/8), slice it vertically, roll it up and slide into the pipe.

STEP #3 - Watch the magic
Set your pipe into the fire, and watch it do its thing! You will be impressed how long lasting and exciting the magical display is.

Don't cook over the open flame while the Magic Rainbow is lit.  Also, be careful not to inhale the fire's smoke. When some plastic garden hoses melt they release semi-toxic chemicals into the air. These shouldn't be a dangerous concern unless you inhale a substantial amount of smoke-but it's best to be careful.