After 1 week and 4 hours. We left the hospital. Praise God! 
My son continues to heal. The procedure that they did will hopefully keep his lung from collapsing again, but there's no guarantee. Only about a 50/50 chance. But we thought we'd rather do everything we could. We won't know until it happens...or prayerfully DOESN'T happen. I can't thank everyone enough for the thoughts, prayers and kindness you've shown my family. I am truly humbled by your love.


Here's the special tribute Tommy made for Brook...mascara alert!


(the chest tube....ew)

So here is the VERY latest from Brook as of 10:30 this morning:

Chest x-ray good. Chest tube out. Super excited.
Next stop...discharge papers!!!! 

What an answer to prayer!


Hello friends!  My son is some better. The chest xray looks a little better and once we get the pain under control we can think about getting the chest tube out. At this point, that could take place as early as today. (following another chest x-ray) Then maybe we'll be able to leave this place. (we have been here 1 week)

Rhys from child-life did this to the door between my son's room, and the girl next to him.  Apparently, we are are the biggest Sparty fans on the floor. Isn't it super cool?

Thanks for all the prayers.