Today marks a sad day in West Michigan as demolition begins on "Studio 28". We all have so many memories of the building that at one time was the "worlds largest" movieplex.  From first dates, to first jobs, to hanging with friends, Studio 28 will always hold a special place in our heart!

Tommy remembers going to see, "Batman" (w/ Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson) in Theater 1. (the big theater with killer surround sound) He even wore a Batman shirt and cape. (no joke) It was always an EVENT going to Studio 28!

Tommy's wife, Patty, spent hours on end at Studio 28, and found these ticket stubs to some of the biggest movies of the 80's.

The movie tickets are from Beverly Hills Cop, Commando, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Police Academy, and Karate Kid.  The old movie tickets without words on them are from Tootsie, E.T., and On Golden Pond.

Thank you, Loeks' family, for the memories of Studio 28!