Ella needs your help. She's really missing the guy she used to date (who everyone thinks looks like this guy, Ian Somerhalder...so we're calling him Ian)! Do you have advice for her? Chime in below!

Photo credit: Getty Images

I broke up with my boyfriend, "Ian", about 6 months ago (I'm calling him Ian because everyone says he looks like Ian Somerhalder) To be perfectly honest, I've been dating a lot and haven't found anything close to what he and I had together. I originally broke up with him because we fought a lot and started to really get on each other's nerves. But after a string of horrible dates, I'm starting to miss Ian and see him in a new light.

I told some friends about this and they said under no circumstances should I go back to him. But I really miss him and am thinking of giving "us" another try. What do you think?