Weird to have to wear my son's wedding ring while he has his scope at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. But he can't wear it into the OR so that's what moms do.

Just for a little background, my son has a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Basically, his body thinks food is attacking it. Doctors took ALL foods away from him and we've been adding foods back into his diet for 4 years now. Within that time, he's had 11 lung collapses and has had to have multiple surgeries. They're still investigating if the conditions are related. 

For the last 6 months, he has been trialing wheat to see if it can be reintroduced into his diet. Friday, he had a scope to see. The results were not good. The doctor came into the consultation room and said "we've seen the enemy and the enemy is wheat". wheat for my son. Ever. And at this point he can't try any wheat alternatives, or gluten free products or anything like that. They want him to not introduce anything new for 4 months so his insides can heal.

Thankfully, he does have about 20 foods that he CAN eat, so that's great. But he's feeling pretty defeated and down about the whole thing. Also, the scope showed more damage to the rest of his digestive system, so some healing definitely needs to take place.

Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers. This mom is heart-broken for her son, but so inspired by how you lift us up! Thank you.

(this is the foundation that is helping to fund finding a cure for his disease)