Seems we all have so much to do at work, we drag ourselves in even though we are coughing and aching and sneezing.  Then there are those of us who try everything to stay healthy and we watch the Cold and Flu Zombies come in while we overdose on hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and supplements. 

According to a new survey, about 30% of us go to work sick so we can squirrel away those sick days to use when we are well. 

CareerBuilder has ALSO found the most ridiculous EXCUSES employers have heard this year! 

Five reasons people call in sick when they are well: 
1. They just don't feel like working that day.
2. 28% have called in because they just needed to relax.
3. To make it to a doctor's appointment without worrying about going back to the office. 
4. 19% of people call in to catch up on sleep.
5. 14% have used a sick day to run errands.

Five crazy but TRUE excuses people have used for a sick day: 
1. "My false teeth flew out the window while I was driving."
2. "My favorite football team lost on Sunday, I needed Monday to recover."
3. "I'm grouchy because I'm trying to quit smoking." 
4. "Someone glued my doors and windows shut, and I can't get out of my house."
5. "I bit my tongue, I can't talk."

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