"How much is it worth?"

I've been slowly purging things out of my household.  I have given up 99% of clothes that are in sizes I will never reach again.  (I'm simply never going to be a 6 again.  I'm at peace with it.)  Odd knick-knacks.  Anything that doesn't serve a purpose or bring me joy. 

So, when it worth having a garage sale?  Click the picture to go to a great site that can tell you.  For instance:

  • Brand Name Jeans - $3.00
  • Fleeces, Jackets, Coats, and other Winter Gear - $4.00
  • Dresses & Skirts - $5.00
  • Items with tags still attached - $10.00 or 70% of original retail price whichever is more reasonable
  • Pocketbook and Purses – Depending on brand name $10-70.00