Delilah is with us on Star 105.7 Monday through Friday from 7p-Midnight.  In addition to the great show she does for us, She does a dalily blog.

Ever have one of those moments where the universe gives you the exact message you need to hear at the perfect moment?  Yup.  Just had one.

Going over the list of a million things I have to get done before I leave on vacation tomorrow, I read this Delilah Daily message "The Things I Care About".

It doesn't matter if the house isn't perfect when I leave.  It doesn't matter that I don't have my favorite outfit packed because I didn't do that load of laundry.  What matters are the laughter and the smiles and the memories I'm going to make with family and friends.  And I don't care what their house looks like either.

Thanks, Delilah.  Thanks, Universe.