FREE Fifth Third River Bank Run Walking Event!

We are a "GO" for Saturday and there's a great reason to join me early.  Get to the David D. Hunting YMCA because the first 40 walkers to arrive to the Blue Care Network table get a free t-shirt AND there's a 7:15 Yoga Clinic with YOGA HEAT.  That's were I was a couple of weeks ago and it was a fantastic work out! 

All walkers get to register for a Fitbit with Blue Care Network and then we head upstairs to walk on the indoor track at 8a! 

After you walk, join us for Panera bagels, bananas, coffee, OJ and more in the community room!

No more excuses.  You can start right now.  Just make up your mind and say "now" and start!  Still feel like you need encourgement?  Email me.