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Kelly Iris

Fun facts...

  • My first job was as a "Soda Jerk" at Cone Corners in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. (Cheesy, huh?)
  • Every spring, I participate in the World's Largest Trivia Contest in my hometown of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Out of about 500 teams and 10-12,000 players, we usually finish in the top 100!!! It's 54 straight hours of useless information and I love it. See? I'm not wired right. Just for the record, my team placed 73rd this year. :)
  • I am a proud doggie mommy of "Spooner." She's a rescue who was an abused puppy mill mom. I am amazed at the FANTASTIC rescues and shelters we have in West Michigan. If you think you want to add to your family, the joy of a shelter pet in unparalleled!
  • I was the lead singer in a cover band and I miss it.


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