This evening’s first #DelilahDilemma came to us from Makaylah, in Brooklyn. 

She’s has known her husband since they were both 6 years old. They’ve been together through everything, and she loves him with all of her heart… but there’s something tugging at the fibers of their relationship… and it’s a BIG something.

It turns out, 4 years ago, her husband had an affair.  Even though he tells her it was a mistake, and he provides all the reasons why it was simply a mistake… Makaylah’s heart is broken… and her trust for this man whom she’s known and trusted implicitly for over 20 years, is shaken to the core. 

Coming up this evening, I will share Makaylah’s #DelilahDilemma, just a little after 9:50pm Eastern… and share my words of #DelilahAdivce and comfort for her and any one else going through something like this tonight, together we might glean some wisdom on how we can best move forward.  Keep in mind, everyone’s reaction and way to move forward from something like this IS very different.  We will discuss this in detail, this evening.

With Love
Delilah <3