Wednesday Weather Kid sponsored by Biggby Coffee


Give your son or daughter a day they will always remember! We'll have Affordable Limousine pick up you and your child to bring you to the studio of Star 105.7.  Once there, your child will join Tommy and Brook for the Star 105.7 morning show, with an opportunity to read the weather forecast on-air. From there your child will jump back into the limo for a ride to school.


Entries MUST include;

Your Name:

Your Child's Name and Age:

Your Address:

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Name and Address of the School Your Child Attends:

School Start Time:


Has Your Child Or Another Child In Your Family Ever Been The Weather Kid? If so, what's the name? 


To sign up your child, Send COMPLETE Email Here

(partial emails will be discarded) 

Parents will be notified in advance to make sure dates work for the child.






*To be eligible for the limo ride portion of the 'Wednesday Weather Kid' experience, your pickup location must be within 20 miles of downtown Grand Rapids.